We are relieved that regulations around COVID-19 have been loosened to the point we can finally have this wedding! That said, we want to do our best to ensure that our gathering is safe and COVID free, and that all our guests can travel and visit comfortably.

Here is all the up to date information we have about COVID-19 rules and restrictions for the wedding weekend.

General guidelines

  • All of our adult guests need to be double-vaccinated (and ideally boosted) to help keep everyone safe.
  • Quebec no longer requires wearing a mask indoors nor do they need to be worn at the wedding events, though you may certainly wear one if you prefer.
  • Quebec still does require masks to be worn in two circumstances: while using public transit (subways, buses, trains) and at the hospital.
  • In general, you will find that many people in Montreal still choose to wear a mask in public indoors spaces.


Arriving in Canada

All guests arriving in Canada, whether by land or air, must be fully vaccinated and are required to enter arrival information and proof of vaccination using the ArriveCAN app before travelling. One person for each group can enter the information for all members who are travelling together. It is no longer necessary to provide a negative COVID test when you cross the border, though you are expected to be symptom- and COVID-free upon arrival.

For more information, please consult the following pages:

Departing Canada

If you are returning to the United States by land border (driving), you do not need to provide a negative COVID test. However, if you are returning to the US by air, you need to provide a negative COVID test.

For more information about returning to the US, please consult:

Rapid COVID tests are generally available at many pharmacies around the city. If you need one, we recommend asking your hotel if they provide a service or recommend somewhere nearby. We have also used this downtown pharmacy for pre-travel COVID tests:

Finally, if you were planning to come to the wedding but at the last minute are unable to make it (due to COVID or any other unforeseen reason), please let us know as soon as possible – and preferably at least 48 hours in advance – so we can plan accordingly.

If you have any other questions about anything, please email us and we will answer as best we can!