Our story

Our Story

Mandeep and Johnny have been together for almost 6 years. They’ve enjoyed cooking, traveling, and biking together ever since then. Some key moments and photos 👇


Mandeep and Johnny meet in the spring. Over the summer their friendship deepens while riding bikes around Montreal and sampling local beers on many a brasserie terrasse.

In the fall, Johnny invites Mandeep to a concert by experimental Montreal/Beirut artist Jerusalem In My Heart at the Museum of Contemporary Art. On their way home, Mandeep’s bike suffers a puncture. Conveniently, they walk to Johnny’s where he fixes it and, voila, and they are officially together.


Mandeep invites Johnny to come to India with her. Johnny meets her family and visits her parents’ villages. He even goes for a jog in the village and amazes everyone.


Encouraged by their teamwork in making it in India, they move in together. They love living with each other but hate the apartment.


Some behind the scenes work for Johnny as he prepares to propose to Mandeep. She remains oblivious.

They go on vacation to Mexico. Johnny takes out Mandeep for a birthday boat ride. They swim to a cave and Johnny proposes to Mandeep. She says yes obviously.

They move into an apartment they love.


COVID leads them to spend every waking moment together. They upgrade their coffee game, eat a lot of chips, and ride their bikes long distances together.


COVID persists. Johnny finishes his PhD, and Mandeep launches her own business. They buy their first home in Montreal.

In June, Mandeep and Johnny get married at a notary’s office, on a patio with 8 local masked family and friends as witnesses.


COVID persists. Yet, borders open up for international travel.

Johnny gets hired for a postdoc in France starting in the fall, and they begin preparations to move to Paris.

Johnny and Mandeep decide to celebrate their wedding by inviting family members who could not make it last time (especially Johnny’s side located in the US) and their friends.